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The Role of Effective Teaching on Students

The success of every student depends on the teacher, making teachers the driving force behind any school administration. In this article, we will be discussing “The role of effective teaching on students

Before we dive in,


Who is a Teacher?

A teacher is a professional who imparts knowledge to pupils/students in elementary school, secondary school, and university. A teacher acquires knowledge and ensures that pupils/students learn what is being taught.


What is Effective Teaching?

Effective teaching involves the knowledge, strategies, processes, and behaviors that lead to good student outcomes. Effective means efficient, and teaching is the act of imparting knowledge to pupils/students.

Therefore, effective teaching is the act of imparting efficient knowledge and ensuring it leads to good outcomes for students. Effectiveness measures the worth of something. In this context, it measures whether teaching students is effective and if the education provided is high quality.


Role of Effective Teaching on Students

The following are the roles of effective teaching for students:


1. Encouragement:

Effective teaching motivates students and pushes them to learn and give their best. When a teacher employs effective teaching methods, students feel encouraged and receive a sound education.


2. Positive Learning Environment:

The environment where teaching occurs is crucial. If this environment is positive and effective learning methods are used, students experience a positive learning environment. Students are influenced by their surroundings, so the school environment must be positive to enhance the impact of teaching.


3. Knowledge Sharing:

For effective learning, teachers must focus on sharing knowledge that benefits students. Knowledge is power, but the process of sharing it determines its impact. If information is shared effectively, it will lead to long-term knowledge retention for students.



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