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Extra-Curricular Activities: A Necessity For Students

Did you know that 50% of students feel stressed almost every day after school? Research shows that techniques like deep breathing, engaging in sports, and networking with friends can help students relieve stress. This is why discussing the topic of Extra-Curricular Activities: A necessity for students is essential.

Before we proceed,


What are Extra-Curricular Activities?

Extracurricular activities include all activities done outside the classroom. However, these out-of-class activities often do not impact academic grades but help assess students’ talents and potential. Examples include:

  • Academic clubs: Press club, Jet club, debating and quiz club
  • Sports: Basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis
  • Musical activities
  • Community services and volunteering


Why Extra-curricular activities are important?

1. Self discovery:

Every student has hidden talents that need discovery, often through extracurricular activities rather than schoolwork. For instance, debating can uncover a student’s public speaking potential, while sports not only relieve stress but also reveal athletic abilities. Many celebrities discovered their passions through extracurricular activities. Furthermore, constant training will help a student achieve the full potential of the type of extra-curricular activities he/she is interested in.

2. Building life skills:

Life skills like communication, discipline, teamwork, adaptability, and time management are crucial for success. Moreover, these skills develop not only during class but also through activities like debating, sports, and volunteering. Such skills are vital for interacting with others, managing emotions, and making decisions, making it equally important to provide students with opportunities to develop them.

3. Networking and connection:

Networking is essential for career growth and building relationships with like-minded individuals. Extracurricular activities foster connections among students, helping them build networks that can offer advice, opportunities, and even lifelong friendships. Hence, it is important for extra-activities to be infused into daily affairs of students so as to help them network and connect with students of the same passion.



Extracurricular activities do more than entertain; they help students discover their potential, reduce stress, and build valuable networks outside the classroom.

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