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Effect of Parenting on Academics

Parenting significantly shapes a child’s life, influencing their performance in school, at home, in religious settings, and other areas. Positive parenting can greatly enhance a child’s life, which is why this article explores the ‘Effect of Parenting on Academics.’


Let’s dive in,


What is Parenting?

Parenting involves actively raising and caring for a child, providing love, support, and guidance to meet their emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, and educational needs. While parenting may seem straightforward, it demands full attention and dedication to understand and assist the child effectively.


What are Academics?

Academics pertain to education and learning, encompassing subjects like mathematics, sciences, and other critical areas of study in a child’s life. It focuses on formal education that imparts knowledge.


Effect of Parenting on Academics

Here are the ways parenting influences academics:

1. Support:

Effective parenting includes offering unwavering support to fulfill a child’s educational needs. When children feel supported and secure, knowing their parents are dependable, they are more likely to succeed academically.

2. Discipline:

Parenting requires consistency in providing essentials like food, shelter, clothing, and education. Maintaining discipline helps children understand right from wrong and encourages them to prioritize their studies. For example, consistently encouraging reading and limiting screen time can enhance academic performance.

3. Emotional Impact:

Emotional bonds between parents and children are crucial. If these bonds are neglected, it can adversely affect the child’s academic performance. Long periods without parental presence can negatively impact a child emotionally and academically.

4. Foundation:

Communication and structure within the household are vital. Parents must establish a clear plan for raising their children to positively influence their academic success.



Effective parenting requires careful planning. Setting a clear path for a child’s academic journey is crucial for their future success.

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