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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Students.

The impact of Artificial intelligence on students will continually reduce labor work and affect their critical thinking ability. However, different students utilize it as a shortcut for assignments and school projects rather than doing research work, which births this article ‘Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Students’.

Before we proceed,

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) defines as the ability of a robot (a machine programmable by the computer) operated by a computer to carry out tasks that are typically performed by intelligent beings. The ability to create systems with human-like cognitive functions(like reasoning, and problem-solving) is commonly associated with the phrase.

Artificial intelligence is a shortcut for any student because students can do their assignments once rather than doing tons of research. AI helps teachers to locate their material notes easily which allows the opportunity for other work. However, with the birth of AI, different strenuous activities like preparing lecture notes, doing assignments and so on are made easy.

Different examples of artificial intelligence includes  MetaAi that launched on social media applications(Whatsapp, Instagram,etc). Other artificial intelligence platforms include ChatGPT, Chatbots, Gemini, TelegramAI, SnapchatAI and so many more.


Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Students

01. Informative:

Artificial Intelligence makes learning faster because varieties of information are always provided. The need to travel far away to check what happened in 1989 or 2000  is irrelevant because of the accessibility of the internet. AI hastens and accelerates your learning process with ease and comfort in any part of the world you find yourself. However, the opportunity to access knowledge in any location helps students.


02. Productivity:

Artificial Intelligence gives room for shortcuts which enhances your productivity level. A student interested in learning arithmetic receives straightforward answers without in-depth research work. The accessibility is great to the extent that either teacher or student, both parties use it to relieve themselves of stress. The visibility of shortcuts boosts productivity levels.


03. Diversity:

Diversity simply means the ability to interact with people irrespective of their social or ethnic beliefs. Artificial intelligence provides access to the internet because the internet translates all languages. A student transferred to another school in another country(India) and struggles with understanding will simply use AI for easy communication. Everybody has access to artificial intelligence because it is diverse.



Artificial Intelligence will drastically reduce labor work for students and teachers/lecturers. It helps students in the adoption of their schoolwork and provides an avenue to simply get answers for courses that take hours or days to research.

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