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Causes of failure among Students

Students attend school to succeed academically, but what happens if they fail? Often, understanding failure requires careful examination by both teachers and students. This article discusses the Causes of failure among students.


Before we proceed,


What is Failure?

Failure, commonly seen as the opposite of success, refers to not achieving a desired or intended goal. Criteria for failure vary by situation and perspective.

Additionally, in the educational system, failure occurs when a student doesn’t score above the required pass mark (often 50). In some schools, failure is defined as scoring below 70, reflecting varying standards.


Causes of Failure among Students

This article aims to identify what causes failure among students. Here are the primary causes:

1. Lack of Concentration

As the saying goes, “The body goes where the heart lies.” Students who do not focus on their studies often fail. Many students who fail admit they lack interest in their subjects, leading to poor concentration.


2. Laziness

Lazy students often fail because they don’t pay attention in class or study their books. Also, their lack of revision on classroom material contributes significantly to their failure.


3. Social Media:

Social media is a leading cause of failure today. Students often get absorbed in scrolling through TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, distracting them from their studies and contributing to their failure.


4. Time Management:

Many students juggle school, extracurricular activities, and religious commitments but struggle to balance these responsibilities. Poor time management leads to academic failure.


5. Anxiety:

Fear of failure can paralyze students, affecting their mindset. Students are expected to engage in their studies diligently, but anxiety about failure can lead to poor performance.


6. Inadequate Teaching:

Teachers should use appropriate instructional materials and ensure students understand the content. Insufficient monitoring and support from teachers can lead to student failure.



Students should strive for academic excellence. To reduce failure rates, teachers must identify the causes of student failure and work towards mitigating them.

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