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What is Photographic Memory?

What is Photographic Memory? Before we dive further, what is photography?

Photography simply means capturing moments. Also the main reason why people take photographs is to be able to go back on those moments and not forget them. However, there’s a trendy concept among students in this age about Photographic memory.

This article will explain the concept ‘Photographic memory’. What is Photographic memory?

Photographic memory is also known as Eidetic memory. It simply means the ability to recall an image with accuracy and precision for a long period or permanently after seeing it only once.

Although, research says Eidetic and Photographic both mean the ability to remember but there is still a great difference between both of them.

Differences Between Eidetic and Photographic Memory.

This study discovers the difference between Eidetic and Photographic memory. It includes;


The similarities between Eidetic and Photographic memory are the timespan. Although research shows it that Eidetic memory can only be  after a short period. While latter can still be visible after a long period.


One thing is common, they can still remember the both but the display is different. Eidetic memory makes you remember it like a projection-like memory but the other memory remembers the tiny details like pages of text and so on.

In this study, you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of having a photographic memory.



This memory helps to ease daily tasks. Instead of looking at your to-do list or reading your assignments for a long period. However, it makes things easy. Also, looking at something for a few seconds or minutes already has it imprint on the person’s memory.


It helps to make memorization easier. As a student, you can memorize your books for a few hours before exams or tests. This saves the time of having to read endlessly.


 The memory aids proper understanding of your schoolwork. As a student, you can recall all the details of the work by just scanning it which helps you in your exam or tests.



Perfectionists are people who are perfect and do not like to make mistakes. If someone possesses this type of memory.  Sometimes people think they don’t make mistakes and everything they say about something is correct and accurate.

02.Waving goodbye:

This memory makes you remember the tiny details hence losing someone close to you might be very hard. This is because  you can remember everything forgetting the people you once see every day might be a huge task. However photographic memory makes a strong imprint in your memory for a long time.

03.Thinking everyone is alike:

People who possess this type memory think everyone grasps things like they do and this can affect them because people who surround you need to read and read before understand. Meanwhile, there is you who understood with just a single glance.


Research shows photographic memory  exists over the years. Moreover there are people who have this ability. However, there are still people who do not have this ability. Are you a school owner, or administrator in need of a web solution like SchoolTry to automate, digitize, or transform your school work? Click here to register for free.