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What is Distance Learning?

 Distance learning is one of the latest trends in education today. Especially in a remote setting where university students or workers do their jobs from home. Moreover after the rise of the pandemic, school administrators and other learners are now very familiar with it. What is Distance Learning? and the effect it has on students.

What is Distance Learning?

Distance  Learning refers to the way of learning that does not require you to be present physically at the university or institution. Learning materials and lectures are available online. Learners can stay at their homes while taking the course from an online university or other institution. However, they will usually also have the opportunity to attend in-person workshops, residencies, or other learning components. Moreover the material is primarily taught through online courses.


In addition, it is a form of education in which the teachers and students are not physically in the same place. Also they communicate using various technologies to facilitate connection between them. Furthermore, it is also a form of Online learning where students learn using different technologies and applications. Although it started in the 1800s in the United States when teachers and learners were in different locations but before that time, learning was for only males at higher levels of society.


 Benefits of Distance Learning?

01. Flexibility:

Flexibility is the ability for students to do different tasks which is why distance learning has been said to produce great results because students engage in different activities.

02. Cost Friendly:

It is cost-friendly and saves money. It allows students to save money for commuting or relocating as well as buying textbooks and course but distance learning can easily make the course materials soft copy and send it to the students to have easy access to it.

03. Access to Unlimited Resources:

The Internet is known to contain different information that will benefit student’s academics. However, learning from a distant location being a type of learning where information is passed to students via the Internet makes students access different resources and enhances their performance.


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