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Effects of Technology on Human development

Technology is one of the most beneficial tool in our society that is why the Effects of Technology on Human Development is something that will always remain a relevant topic of discussion in our world today.


Before we go further,


What is the effect of  Technology/Technological Innovation on Human Development?

Technological innovation is a type of concept of innovation. While innovation is a rather well-defined concept, it has a broad meaning to many people, and especially numerous understanding in the academic and business world.

In addition, Innovation refers to adding extra steps to developing new services and products in the marketplace. It can also be in the public that fulfill needs or solve problems that were not in the past. Technological Innovation however focuses on the technological aspects of a product or service rather than covering the entire organization business model. It is important to clarify that Innovation is not only driven by technology. But it improves as the world also changes.

Technological innovation is the process where an organization (or a group of people working outside a structured organization) embarks on a journey where the importance of technology as a source of innovation has been identified as a critical success factor for the market competitiveness. However, The wording “technological innovation” is preferred to “technology”. “Although Technology innovation” gives a sense of working on technology for the sake of technology. Also, “Technological innovation” better reflects the business consideration of improving business value by working on technological aspects of the product or services. Moreover, in a vast majority of products and services, there is not one unique technology at the heart of the system. It is the combination, integration, and interaction of different technologies that makes the product or service successful.


Here are some of positive and negative effects of technological innovation on Human Development;


01. Access to Information:

Access to information is one of the most valuable benefits or effects of technology on human development. Technology facilitates instant access to a vast amount of information. This allows most users to easily know what they want to do and how to do it. This also helps to promote learning and  share knowledge with others on a wide or global level.

02. Collaboration:

Technology will continue to improve human lives in several ways. Some technological Innovations like the internet and social media have it various ways of impacting communication. This fosters a very high connections and collaboration with people from various places, countries and backgrounds.              

03. Security:

The advent of technology has made way for the development of a more secured online presence. Moreover, some advancements in surveillance technology and data collection raise concerns about privacy and security. The misuse of personal information online can cause serious harm. Although with the advent of cybersecurity Technology which has made things safer on the internet.


There are several benefits and advantages that are available with technology/technological innovations. Although as the world turns into a more advanced place, we’re now seeing both the positive and negative effects of technology in education.

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