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Impact of Edutainment in Education

Amidst all the distractions, it important to make the learning experience more enjoyable and fun. This will encourage the students to want to learn that is why edutainment is crucial to learning. The Impact of edutainment in education makes learning more interesting, fun  and less boring.

Before we dive further, what is Educational Entertainment?

Educational entertainment, also edutainment, is a media designed to educate through entertainment. The term was used as early as 1954 by Walt Disney. Most often it includes content for teaching but has incidental entertainment value. It has been used by academia, corporations, governments, and other entities in various countries to pass information in classrooms and/or via television, radio, and other media to influence viewers’ opinions and behaviors.

Furthermore, Much research has been done in association with edutainment and its effectiveness in its various forms. Particularly, the effects of the implementation of the concept of edutainment in the classroom setting on multiple occasions. The concept of flipped classroom in association with edutainment, was  by Retta Guy and Gerald Marquis (2016), in which students use video lessons and podcasts as lessons instead of projects prior to class; it was found that these students perform better than those in traditional classrooms.  Moreover, the actual time in class prompt more interaction, and thought the class to be more enjoyable, although there was a noticeable period of adaption.

In a study by Ruby Lynch-Arroyo and Joyce Asing-Cashman (2016), Numb3rs, which is an example of edutainment in the form of a television show. Although This was into the education of mathematics teachers. The subsequent results exemplified the potential for edutainment to promote critical thinking, motivation, engagement, and growth mindset.

Impact of Edutainment in Education

01. Interaction:

Mixing education and entertainment enhances interaction. Edutainment makes learning more interactive and engaging. learning is the process in which students actively participate in fun activities that helps in acquiring more knowledge and skills. Rather than spending long hours in classes.  Although edutainment can be productive and also makes learning interactive for the students. It also gives students access to more information in minimal time when they make learning a fun and interactive activity.

02. Motivation:

Getting students attention and motivation is very important for a successful learning process. Although It can be sometimes challenging to get them motivated. Moreover motivation matters a lot when it comes to teaching. Learning with fun strategy encourages students to spend more time learning. This will also motivate them to want to keep learning. Also, students would love to give their attention to what excites and motivates them. The educational content in the form of motion pictures or fun videos will aid learning more than their regular classes.

03. Engagement:

There is a good choice of games that stimulates diverse types of learning among students. Educational Games involving motion control is a great prompt for them to engage in physical and educational activities. The elements such as images, sounds and animations can easily target Children’s interests and improve their learning engagements.


Educational entertainment serves as a means through which education can become more effective. It also helps to create a spontaneous and engaging educational experience. As we navigate the ever-evolving world of education, Although it becomes increasingly apparent that traditional methods alone may not be enough to capture the attention and interest of students.

Edutainment invites us to break free from the traditional methods of education and embark on a different adventure. Also,  As we change the dynamics of education together. The combination of education and entertainment becomes a tool for a more engaging future of learning.

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