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Benefits of the Parent Portal in School ERP Software

What’s the reason for having a parent portal in your school management system? Read on to find out the benefits of having a parent portal in the school ERP software to see why.

When thinking about the advantages of school ERP software, some things that may not come to mind are the benefits parents could also enjoy. Most schools tend to use the software to automate and simplify various administrative and financial tasks, such as:

  • Organizing records of students and staff
  • Improving the process of collecting and recording fee payments
  • Observing the growth of every student and identifying their strengths and weaknesses
  • ✅Marking students attendance, grading assessments, et cetera.

Besides the school teacher and principal, parents also want to make sure their children are doing well in school. This is very true for K–12 students, whose primary education is an important step in establishing a robust academic foundation.

After all, one of the key roles of the school is to maintain good relationships with parents. Schools should regularly advise parents on how their children are performing and how they could improve. And the best way to do that today is using a school management system.

What Does the “Parent Portal” in School ERP Software Do?

Before exploring what it does or how it works, let’s first look at what the Parent Portal in your school management software is.

Moreover, the Parent Portal in school ERP software, like SchoolTry, is a communication interface that’s included in the platform to provide secure access to parents. Parents can use this portal to view their children’s academic progress, pay fees, and communicate with the school more conveniently.

The parent portal is very useful to schools as it helps improve communication with parents regarding school activities and updates.

How the parent portal works

The Parent Portal in the school ERP software offers real-time information updates within a secure environment. It nicely organizes essential student data that parents should closely monitor and stay connected with. This includes;

  • Monitoring their child’s attendance, reports, and grades
  • Accessing their child’s schedules, i.e., homework and an upcoming exam
  • Keeping in touch with school bulletins such as an upcoming event announcement, sports activities, and test results

Watch now; how to login to SchoolTry’s parent portal

Parent portals often provide secure payment options for certain fees and a great deal of security and control.

That’s because parents are required to obtain independent personal access information. In other words, have secure logins, such as an email address and a password they can remember.

Top Benefits of Having a Parent Portal in the School ERP Software

If you look at your school from a business perspective, you’ll see how important it is to keep customers happy. 

Having the parent portal included in the school ERP software increases satisfaction and fosters parent involvement. And when your customers are pleased, their loyalty to your business—or school, in this case—also increases. Here’s how the parent portal could benefit your school:

01. Improve the school fee payment process

Going to the school to pay fees or sending your child with the money isn’t the best option for many parents today. While you may argue that there are other convenient ways to pay fees, like mobile money services, not everyone or every region has this option.

What would be convenient for schools in Kenya or Nigeria, for example, may not work for schools in other countries. However, an online payment portal that can be integrated with various payment options could benefit everyone.

If your school had a portal for parents, then parents could have an easy time making payments. They could view and pay any open invoices with their smartphones, any time. This also helps your school avoid late payments. And it also reduces the burden of having to send invoices manually.

02. Send early notifications on upcoming events & updates

This point makes me think of my days in school, where we were required to bring our own food or snacks to an event. Sports and traditional music and dance events were my favourite school activities at the time. Likewise, students are still required to bring food or dress up for a special school event.

Like in our school days, most kids still have the problem of forgetting important things and remembering them when it’s almost too late. This makes it challenging for parents who need to prepare or buy relevant food or drinks within a short time.

Many students miss out on important school events due to such avoidable situations. A school management system with a parent portal can help you change that. The software makes it easier to dispatch important notices in advance, so parents can avoid last-minute hassles.

Happy customer: Mr. Uwaifo Timothy of the Standard Integrated School, Gombe.

With SchoolTry, you can send early updates on important school events, and parents can receive them through the parent portal. Listen to what Mr. Uwaifo Timothy, the Proprietor of Standard Integrated School, had to say about SchoolTry in the above YouTube video.

Wrapping Up

Having a portal for parents shows how much your school values both the students and their parents. In fact, this is one of the things that will contribute to your ability to expand your school.

You can attract more admissions by helping parents feel like important team players, working alongside you towards the common goal of teaching their children. To get started, you need to evaluate the needs of your school and choose the right school ERP software.

To that end, SchoolTry has just the right solution for you!  You can this contact form to schedule a demo and see how SchoolTry can help transform and grow your school.

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