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Importance of Artificial Intelligence;

Artificial intelligence AI has become a catchall term for applications that perform complex tasks that once required human input, such as communicating with customers online or playing chess. The term is often used interchangeably with its subfields, which include machine learning (ML) and deep learning.

There are differences, however. For example, machine learning is on building systems that learn or improve their performance with the data they consume. It’s important to note that although all machine learning is AI, not all AI is machine learning.

Moreover, to get the full value from AI, many companies are making significant investments in data science teams. Data science combines statistics, computer science, and business knowledge to extract value from various data sources.

In addition, Developers use artificial intelligence to more efficiently perform tasks that are otherwise done manually, connect with customers, identify patterns, and solve problems. To get started with AI, developers should have a background in mathematics and feel comfortable with algorithms.

Furthermore when using artificial intelligence to build an application, it helps to start small. By building a relatively simple project, such as tic-tac-toe, for example, you’ll learn the basics of artificial intelligence.

Also, Learning by doing is a great way to level-up any skill, and artificial intelligence is no different. Once you’ve successfully completed one or more small-scale projects, there are no limits for where artificial intelligence can take you.

In addition, The emergence of AI solutions and tools means that more companies can take advantage of AI at a lower cost and in less time.
However, Ready-to-use AI refers to the solutions, tools, and software that either have built-in AI capabilities or automate the process of algorithmic decision-making.

Ready-to-use AI includes self-repairing autonomous databases and premade models for image recognition and text analysis on various datasets.

Here are some of the importance of artificial intelligence;

1. It aids decision making:
Artificial intelligence helps in making smart and wise decisions. It also makes it easier for both students and teachers to make better decisions and choices related to their education or learning experience.


2. It prevents fraud:
Artificial intelligence helps to keep students data safe as it has several fraud detection systems.
This also helps to the students from engaging in any fraudulent activities since they are aware that they will get caught. This will enhance checks and balances between the students and teachers.


3. It is reliable:
Over the years, Artificial Intelligence has proved to be very reliable. It makes it easier for both the students and teachers to experience a 24 hour reliable service always at their disposal.


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Author: Semira Ayeni.

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