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Importance of interactive learning in education;

Interactive learning is any sort of schoolwork or academic plan that uses computer technology.
It is mostly put in place in order to emphasize or teach specific material.
In addition, Online classes and virtual classrooms are examples of extreme interactive learning.
However, almost any time a computer enters into the academic space — as an educational game.
for instance, or as a structured research tool — the resulting lessons can be said to be interactive.

In some circles, any learning that is hands-on is  interactive.
While this application is valid, it is usually outdated.
Furthermore When modern academics talk about interactivity in the classroom.
they are almost always talking about technology and usually mean the Internet.

However, ever since computers have become an important part of most societies.
Most educators at all levels have been looking for ways to integrate technology into the classroom.

Although Interactive learning depends on computer use, but it is usually far more than simple computer education.
In addition, learning to type, to operate basic software, and to locate resources online are important skills certainly.

However they do not usually come under the umbrella of interactive learning.
Most of the time, interactive learning is about the integration of computers into regular lessons.

One of the most basic examples is computer games. Although Students who play games, either download it or get it online.
This emphasize certain concepts — math formulas, for instance, or historical dates and grammar rules — are supplementing their classroom learning with something more abstract.
Many educators believe that students are able to learn better and more thoroughly through various methods.
However One of the biggest arguments in favor of interactive learning is that most of today’s students are already so Internet savvy.
This means that introducing computer learning is often extremely effective at grasping and holding their attention.

Although More young people than ever before have smartphones and maintain active social network presence.
In addition most people spend the majority of their free time “connected” in one way or another.

Here are some of the importance of interactive learning in education;

1. It is saves cost:
Interactive learning can take place any time and anywhere.
This helps to cut costs of students commuting to a particular location to learn. Some students can even learn through the use of their phones. This reduces the costs of buying textbooks and other learning materials.

2. It increases flexibility in learning:
With interactive learning, you don’t always have to be in a fixed place at a fixed time to learn. The flexibility in interactive learning allows students to think outside the box. Since It is not restrictive or static. It also helps to improve their creativity while learning.

3. It makes learning interesting:
Interactive learning involves all forms of activities. It could be physical or virtual. This makes learning more exciting for the students. It is not just a regular classroom form of learning that gets boring easily. It motivates and encourages students to want to try new things and also learn at their own pace.

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