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SchoolTry Launches in South Africa for expansion: SchoolTry is proud to announce its expansion into South Africa as we begin the transformation of the education sector in South Africa.

The launch took place on Friday, 16,9, 2022 at KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa and was graced by representatives from school management and KwaZulu-Natal municipality with other key stakeholders within the trade and social impact development areas.

We are excited about the huge support shown in support of this initiative, which will ensure that the democratization of the educational sector as South African schools get fully digitalised.

SchoolTry Launches in South Africa for expansion:

Are you a school owner in South Africa? Your chance to join the leading school management solution has arrived. SchoolTry is specifically designed for school owners, teachers, parents and students who are tired of management and learning processes done the old and slow way. With SchoolTry your processes becomes fully digitalised with the push of a button.

We have created various channels of reach for you to keep in touch, become better at how the solution works. Check out our YouTube page for complete tutorials  . Experience a new world of school management automation at your fingertips.

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