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Importance of adaptive learning in education;

Adaptive learning or intelligent tutoring has its origins in artificial-intelligence.

However, The movement gained popularity in the 1970s.

Furthermore, Back in the 70’s the main barrier was the cost and size of the computers.

But with the advancement of technology, there are less issues with adaptive learning.
However, it is used to create the resources to solve the unique needs of learners.

In professional learning contexts, learners may try out of some training to ensure they engage with useful resources.

Furthermore, Computers adapt the presentation of educational material according to students’ learning needs.

Although the students needs are indicated by their responses to questions, tasks and experiences.

Adaptive learning systems’ primary application is in education.

The technological aspects are from various fields of study including computer science, AI,and brain science.
The system focus is to transform the learner from a passive to an active one in the educational process.

In this article you will learn some of the importance of adaptive learning in education;

1. It empowers the students: Adaptive learning is also called adaptive teaching.
This allows the students to concentrate on the work they are struggling with till they get it.

However, just because a student needs to work on something doesn’t mean others will.

This empowers the students to focus on their individual personal growth and improvements.

2. It increases students confidence:
Adaptive learning allows students to spot the difference between what they know and what they don’t.

This simple understanding allows them to become better students. It will also boost their confidence among their peers.

3. It improves students engagements:
Engagement and interaction is a crucial part of adaptive learning.

Often times, students share their knowledge with their peers.
This form of interaction improves their knowledge.

It also increases their engagement while learning.

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