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Effects of homeschooling in education; Home schooling is when a parent decides to educate or teach his/her ward within the four walls of their home or employ someone to do the job for them, which can sometimes be challenging but at the same time rewarding.

Home schooling is when children’s education is based at home with their parents’ guidance rather than through enrollment in a public school or private school.

Homeschooling can begin with kindergarten and go through homeschooling to high school. As formal preschool has become more popular, more parents who do not send their kids to preschool also refer to homeschooling in preschool or pre-Kindergarten

Here are some of the positive effects of homeschooling in education;

1.It improves independent learning:
Autonomy is one of the best ways through which students can learn independently and this is something that can be derived from home schooling. Most children who are home schooled can easily make their own choice of learning and decide what works for them and what doesn’t, this will motivate them to become independent learners.

2. It gives room for an all round effective learning:
Considering the rate at which children are more free and open at home as against going to school and sometimes getting distracted by their peers, this makes home schooling more effective and efficient since parents would be able to monitor their progress properly thereby leaving no stone unturned in making sure that the child excels in every aspect of their work.

3. It improves the relationship between the parents and their children:
Spending time with children usually allows the parent to get to know their children better such that they can even confide in their parents when they have other life issues that might bother them apart from their school work. This automatically improves their relationship and enable them to be able to relate well with their children.

4. It makes learning easier:
Using the home school curriculum gives room for flexibility such that the child can learn on their own pace which usually makes learning much easier than the regular school where every student must work based on the fixed curriculum and syllabus.

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