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Strategies for social emotional learning; Social emotional learning makes education more than just about academics but also on other basic aspects of human existence. It allows students to learn certain things that will not only be beneficial to their school work but also help them to understand their feelings and emotions and other life hacks which will equip them to be physically and psychologically fit to survive in the outside world.

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is an education practice that integrates social and emotional skills into school curriculum. SEL is also referred to as “socio-emotional learning”, “social and emotional learning”, or “social-emotional literacy”. In practice, social-emotional learning emphasizes social and emotional skills to the same degree as other subjects, such as math, science, and reading. Finally, SEL prioritizes responsible decision-making as the ability to solve problems and hold one’s self accountable. These core ideologies help students to live socially and emotionally healthy lives both during and after their time in the school system.


Here are some of the strategies for social emotional learning;

1. Journaling:
One of the most effective strategies for social emotional learning is giving you as a student the opportunity to to write a journal which allows you to reflect and process your thoughts. Writing about your feelings and emotions will encourage you to be more open and also learn to work on yourself such that you can be the best version of you.

2. Encouraging Positivity:
Thinking positive or being an optimist allows you to be intentional about your learning experience. You tend to have a brilliant mindset that makes you work harder because you believe everything will work out well and good for you. This type of mindset will help both the teacher and students to think positive about themselves and others such that they can all work together peacefully without any challenge or trouble.

3. Reading out loud:
Reading and writing is a very good strategy to incorporate in social emotional learning. You can read out loud especially during story telling and also ask the students what they feel about the story so that they can write down what they understand and have a better learning experience.

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