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Impact of genius hour in learning

Impact of genius hour in learning; Genius Hour is a project in the classroom and sometimes in a workplace where students or/and employees are allowed to explore their own passions and wonders for a depending amount of time, usually 1 hour per week to 20% of their total class time.Teachers empower students by allowing them to pick a topic of their own, usually framed around an inquiry question, based on their own passions or wonders.

In this article, you will learn some of the positive impact of genius hour in learning;

1. It improves students engagements:
It should be noted that genius hour stems from the tech industry and this project allows the students and teachers to follow basic rules that gives the students the ability to think outside the box and work on ideas or topics that they are interested in or passionate about. This keeps them more interested and engaged in the learning process.

2. It promotes creativity:
Genius hour gives students the opportunity to learn new things since they will have access to all the materials needed to learn and also reflect on them by employing the use of their imagination such that they are not restricted in any way and can create something new and interesting for both themselves and their teachers to work on.

3. It allows students to develop social skills:

Genius hour gives students the liberty to learn how to interact with others since the project is usually based on topics that the students are passionate about or willing to talk about. This will allow them to develop their social skills through regular interactions and discussions which will make it easier for them to teach or discuss what they have learnt with others.

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Author: Semira Ayeni.

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