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Relevance of Digital Leadership in Teaching

Relevance of Digital Leadership in Teaching; Every good teacher must have the qualities of a digital leader since he or she is required to lead and guide the students in the appropriate way.

Digital Leadership is a leadership style that focuses on implementing digital transformation within an organization. It enables enterprises to digitize their work environments and learning cultures. As such, it is a critical component of the literature for maintaining the competitiveness and survival of organizations in the twenty-first century.

By reviewing secondary sources, a conceptual framework for digital leadership was developed; the value of digital leadership was discussed and studies on the qualities of digital leaders were described. The following questions were posed: “What is digital leadership?” “What are the attributes of a digital leader?” and “How important is a digital leader?” As a result of this research, a digital leader is defined as a leader who has innovative ideas on a digital level, motivates his employees in a digital environment, is capable of establishing sustainable communication with his employees in a digital environment and developing digital strategies.

Here are some of the relevance of digital leadership in teaching;

1. It makes communication easier: A teacher who also doubles as a digital leader will always have an edge over a teacher who isn’t since a digital leader is well vast with the use of all forms of technological tools which can be used to share resources and pass across information to the student at any given time. This makes their communication easier and their learning stress-free.

2. It improves the teachers competence:
Since technology keeps improving every day, digital leadership does not only enlighten and empower the teachers it also helps them to improve their technological competence to embrace some digital leadership strategies that allows them to increase their knowledge of the use of technology and also become better teachers.

3. It strengthens the students and teachers relationships:

Digital leadership do not only expose teachers to the continuous improvement of digital knowledge it also gives room for an environment where the teachers are able to meet the students halfway when it comes to using technology to learn this gives them the ability to trust each other to deliver as at when due and develop a healthy relationship.

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Author: Semira Ayeni

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