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Benefits of Decision Intelligence in Learning

Benefits of Decision Intelligence in Learning; Decision intelligence is powered by Artificial intelligence (AI)
It actively contributes to the successful act of choosing to do a certain thing or make a decision while trying out different methods possible with the use of machine language (ML) and AI.

Decision Intelligence combines various decision-making techniques with AI, ML, contextual intelligence, and automation to generate actionable and specific recommendations that can be immediately acted upon to create value – in turn, solving the last mile of analytics challenge. DI helps scale an organization’s ability to utilize massive amounts of data for insight, gain additional context around business decisions and review the impacts decisions will have across the organization. Decision Intelligence does not replace humans in the decision-making process but augments their ability to make better and more consistent decisions. As DI becomes a core part of business processes, decisions get made faster, more easily and less expensively than before.

Decision intelligence includes a feedback loop (also known as closed-loop learning) in order to retrain and improve the system over time. The AI-generated output (predictions or recommendations) are compared against the final decision (for example, to perform work or not) and provides feedback to the system, allowing it to learn and improve future recommendations.

In this article, you will learn some of the benefits of Decision Intelligence in learning;

1. It gives multiple problem solving options to students:
Decision support and management are some of the major attributes of decision intelligence which paves way for multiple problem solving options for every student. DI also has the ability to understand future hazards or problems that can occur due to past history or records which allows students to avoid such problems in the future.

2. It prevents students from making costly mistakes:
Since DI is a form of discipline that helps users/students to be able to make a single choice between several alternatives which emphasizes the brilliant use of managerial data and social science which gives the student the ability to be able to weigh their options and make better decisions for themselves and their lives this prevents them from making any mistake while making decisions.

3. It aids quick decision making:
Since decision intelligence allows students to work based on facts and not emotions, the students are able to employ the use of artificial intelligence to improve the process of getting the best feasible answer to any question or data in the easiest and fastest way possible.

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Author: Semira Ayeni.

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