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Relevance of digital equity in education 

Relevance of digital equity in education: With the advent of digital equity in education, an average student can easily get access to the devices, materials or resources that they need for their school work without going through any stress.

(Digital equity refers to whether people can access and effectively use the technology necessary to participate in modern society)

Advocates for digital equity, as well as many public servants within governmental tech and innovation departments, stress that this issue has grown into one that is vital for the success of our communities, and it will become even more important as technology continues to advance and services continue to migrate online.

Relevance of digital equity in education;

  1. It is convenient:

With digital equity, every student gets access to any learning material they might need at any given time without having to worry about their location or time zones. It makes learning easier and convenient since each student can access their school work directly with their individual internet devices.

  1. It helps students with disabilities:

Digital equity bring every student to the same level since disabled students have digital tools or devices that are specifically tailored to suit their individual needs. This will help the students to connect on a mutual ground and learn in the best ways possible.

  1. It aids digital literacy:

Digital equity promotes digital literacy, the constant use of digital tools increases the students knowledge of technology usage which encourages them to become more digital literate.

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Author: Semira Ayeni

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