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SchoolTry founder Talks ON FIDELITY SME

SchoolTry founder Talks ON FIDELITY SME. Mr Ismail Eleburuike was briefly interviewed by Fidelity’s SME Forum aired on Inspiration Radio 92.3FM.

Discussing on the topic; Bringing Innovation to Education- The SchoolTry Solution.

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The Interview started off and the first thing he talked about was education as the bedrock of the society, of which he described it in two ways; the education itself and the mode or method of giving the education. He further explained that the world has moved beyond education revolving only around going to the classroom alone and students needs to be given the opportunity to learn more and this can be possible with the use of
digital technology.

“Yes, Nigeria is far behind other parts of the world in digital learning and our youths needs to get access to using digital tools too so they can also get to where other youths are digitally”. He also talked about how the “all in one” learning platform can enhance the teaching of our children by stating the fact that every standard Institute of learning, you need to understand the school management system by knowing the number of students and teachers in the school and the “all in one” platform usually start with the school management making policies on how to allocate teachers to students then the platform also has features like the virtual Classrooms, online assignments, instant grading, report and documentation etc.

All these features gives both the students and teachers an excellent learning experience without losing out on the basic teaching methodology.

SchoolTry founder Talks ON FIDELITY SME.

In addition to explaining the relevance of the “all in one school management” platform he further revealed more about SchoolTry, he described SchoolTry as an EdTech platform that connects parents, students, teachers and other stakeholders in real time. It serves as a one-stop-shop that deals with everything and every activity performed in a regular school can all be done online with SchoolTry. The Host Telma further explained how Schooltry works stating that the registration fee is just a yearly payment of a thousand naira per student and easy access of all users to the platform with ease. She also talked about Schooltry’s partnership with fidelity bank which gives their over twenty thousand school customers the opportunity to enjoy the unique value that SchoolTry provides and why they should subscribe to the web solution with its incredible features like the easy payment of fees, assignments and cbt management, E-library, E-learning, grading and report system and lots more. You can visit to subscribe and learn more.
Mr Ismail further explained what blended learning approach is all about of which he described as “the combination of the physical and online teaching which doesn’t end at 2. 0 clock closing time since SchoolTry has a mobile and web application that allows students to get to do their assignments and
other school work online without having to wait to submit it the next day. He also talked about the unique advantages of SchoolTry apart from the fact that every student can log in to the SchoolTry platform and have access to all their lesson content and respond to it, these lesson contents can also
be in any language and this is what gives SchoolTry an edge over others. The Host described SchoolTry as “a pure genius “and expressed undoubting satisfaction towards the platform.

He ended the interview with words of wisdom for school owners, managers and everyone in the education system. He encouraged them that they should not wait any longer to transform their skills into a digital platform because the school of tomorrow is not going to be a physical school for sure, just as transportation is being done today by Uber and Bolt, schools also need to transform all their activities online which will reduce costs and improve the overall efficiency. He further encouraged every school owner to move from the local phase into the international world.

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