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One of the best and most easy way to learn is by taking each course one step at a time, this is also called micro learning. This is a method of teaching through a gradual process like taking the bits and pieces of food or like taking the course in small doses till the students get the entire message or knowledge that they need to know.

{Mirco learning is a teaching strategy that uses a series of short segments of content combined with short activities. It is also called bite-sized learning because it utilizes small, well planned, bite-sized chunks of units or activities. Research on microlearning points out its very real benefits. For example, a study by Giurgiu (2017) found that smaller chunks of content helped students to better retain information and perform better in an end-of-course test. Another study by Liu, Wei, and Gao (2016) found that students’ interest in learning and understanding the material significantly improved}

In this article you will learn the benefits of bite-sized learning in education.

The effects of bite-sized learning in education;

1. It improves student’s ability to create concise content:
Bite-sized learning is usually focused on the vital or important aspects of a course or module, this will help the student to be more precise when writing, they also tend to avoid creating contents that are ambiguous and too lengthy thus learning to create concise contents which will also help them to learn faster and better.

2. It improves the student’s knowledge retention:
Learning takes time and there is no secret or magic way to succeed while learning but bite-sized learning makes learning easier and the practical aspects also allows the students to learn in a way that helps them to retain the knowledge for a very long time.

3. It makes learning more interesting and engaging:
One of the main components of bite-sized learning is peer teaching. This gives room for the students or learners to be more focused and engage in class activities to impact knowledge to their peers which makes learning more fun and interesting.

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Author: Semira Ayeni

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