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Educational equity is about individuals, relationships, and systems. A school that is educationally equitable is one in which we value each individual for who they are and provide the structures, environment, and resources each student needs to reach their greatest potential.

Here are the importance of educational equity.

1. Educational Equity Promotes Diversity in learning:
Promoting diversity in learning starts with understanding the fact that every student and schools have different needs and they require individualized resources that is using multiple or diverse means or strategies in teaching or training each students based on or according to their needs. Since every student has different learning experience and needs, this creates a learning environment where every student or learner feels valued and important.

2. It Reduces Discrimination:
Promoting educational equity is an act of doing justice or being just as well as working on the premise that all students have equal access to educational activities according to their needs and capacity.
This means that every teacher or educator needs to ensure that every student is treated with fairness and receives the support he/she might need based on their level of strength and weaknesses. For instance, students with special needs or disabilities should be treated with the same or even more care and attention that’s given to other regular students. This will bridge the gap between them and the other students which will enable them to reach their fullest potential regardless of their disabilities, race, color, gender or other obvious weaknesses.

Educational Equity does not only reduce discrimination among students it also prevents discrimination among teachers by creating an avenue for diversity in employing teachers with different cultural experiences and qualifications who will also serve as a role model for the students to learn from and also build a strong relationship with them.

3.It improves the country’s economy:
Education open doors. And educational equity allows for quality education for every student, In a country where there’s quality education for every student then there’s a high guarantee of a healthy economy. Education gives room for individuals to live their best lives and achieve their goals which will contribute to their success and the economic growth of the country.

4. It creates employment opportunities:
Educational Equity reduces discrimination and promotes diversity not only in training but also in recruiting and employing people. The recruitment of people from diverse cultural and social background who work together with different ideas and fosters an appreciation of diversity leads to a more effective work force and the creation of more job opportunities for people regardless of their background.

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Author: Semira Ayeni.

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