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Who is a digital citizen?

According to wiki-A digital citizen is a person using information technology in order to learn, engage in society, politics, and government.


Karen Mossberger

As defined by Karen Mossberger, one of the authors of Digital citizenship digital citizens are “those who use the internet regularly and effectively.” Wikipedia
In other words, a person who has the knowledge and skills to effectively use digital technology to learn communicate, participate, interact and create or consume digital contents online is a digital citizen.

Digital Citizenship In Education

Digital citizenship has improved education in the following ways


1. It enhances online safety and improves digital literacy:
Digital literacy naturally improves the rate at which students learn to be smart, responsible and safe while using the online mode of learning. As a good digital citizen you must also learn how to work online without giving out too much of your personal information. You can also create a campaign against cyber bullying, learning proper email etiquette and generally being safe while using any means of technology.

2. It also helps you to differentiate what’s right from what’s wrong both for your personal use and other online purposes: A digital citizen will always use technology to communicate in the most productive and responsible way possible. Since education has being transformed by digital technology in such a way that it enables you to learn from different perspectives without restrictions which also include social media and all other learning platforms available at your disposal

3. Cybersecurity: This is simply protecting the internet connected systems from cyber threats. With the ever increasing number of internet users as well as some online confidential data the usefulness of cyber security tends to grow and as a digital citizen you will be able to learn how to protect your internet from any risks or unknown threats.

4. it motivates you to be responsible and partake competently when using digital technology:
When it comes to education, a digital citizen has an edge over any other person since you will be exposed to all the attributes and opportunities available online. A digital citizen also has positive engagements online which allows you to use technology in the appropriate manner.

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Author: Semira Ayeni

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