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How technology has changed education

How technology has changed education

It is right to say EdTech which simply expands to Educational Technology is the current present and futuristic future of education here’s why; Let’s take a look at what BUILTIN.COM Has to say about EdTech.

Educational Technology since the 1920s has maintained a steady growth and evolution from the little un-noticed inventions which includes;

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  2. Pencils
  3. Biros (Pen)
  4. Graph books
  5. Drawing boards

All of these inventions are as old as time itself and their creation have added progress and color to the academic growth over the centuries.

How has EdTech changed the face of education ?

It goes sideways, the absolute computerization of Education has seen to the advent of technologies like the one below:

The virtualization of education changed the face of Education entirely and it’s never going back.


It’s quite simple, here are ways to catch-up with EdTech as a school owner or as an academic stakeholder

1.  Select which EdTech service provider suits your needs as a school- There are various EdTech service providers over the internet and a few of EdTech representatives must have visited your school on an average occasion . This is where you decide what works best for your school, remember to consider other stakeholders before arriving at a conclusive decision i.e. Parents, students and teachers. Here is a list of keynote factors to consider before selecting an EdTech Service provider.

  • Features
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Cost per subscription
  • availability

2.  Decide with multiple options- The glamour of a one sided decision is built in the marketing ignorance that has been instilled by the advertisement in circulation. There must be a room for comparison so as not to bliss in the ignorant sentence of ” Had I Know”

3. Orientate all stakeholders on the update and usage- The idea of a school going virtual often appears mountain-like on stakeholders hence it is important to orientate all stakeholders on the development before adopting the new innovation.

This is basically the requirement for your school to catchup with EdTech.

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