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5 Hacks Of Schooltry App you never knew existed

5 Hacks Of Schooltry App you never knew existed

Schooltry App is currently used by over A hundred Thousand schools across Africa. The App is developed to accommodate parents, students and teachers simultaneously. Learning about various hacks on the App will simply enhance how you navigate and make use of the app in real time.

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Here’s 5 Hacks Of Schooltry App you never knew existed and indeed you will be marveled by the list.

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  1. Mass on-boarding – This is one very big feat on the schooltry app, nevertheless this hack can only be done on the admin or sub-admin dashboard. The method of importing users en-masse is to ease the duress of filling individual online form for students, parents or teachers. On constant occasions where schools have over Five thousand students, the idea of individual on-boarding will seem very strenuous as a task.
  2.  Unique password generation– Unlike other notable apps that compromises user’s account by offering preferred password to users, the schooltry offers unique password generation which is a hundred percent computer based. The creation of this auto generated passwords was designed to give unique login to users at every point as logging in-out isn’t going to be necessary for users, although automated passwords can also be changed to passwords of will; if needed. Schooltry ensures flexibility for users and also advanced auto generated security protocol for users.
  3. Result customization– This feature isn’t overly new to many existing users on the app. Schools can choose to change or customize the layout of the school end of the term result.
  4. Free school website and dashboard– Upon signing up, a school website is created for every school with their own integrated dashboard that comes with a fully packaged super features that allows confidentiality and professionalism for schools. Schools official web address comes by default as Great news is this website domain name can also be fully owned hence it will appear as this is a very marvelous hack for school users to maximize on schooltry.
  5. School fee payment allocation– This is the prime of the hacks and is has taken Schooltry 10 steps ahead of it’s peers by integrating a live payment module for parents to make child’s fee payment and for school to receive the payment at one click from the other end.

The more you use the app the more deep and rooted you will get on the usage.

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